Deep sea: Subfighter

Navigate the Deep sea with your submarine and collect doubloons while you must avoid incoming missiles and sink bombs.


You need the doubloons to upgrade your submarine , or to buy shield and magnet.


There are 2 game modes , Free dive and Campaign.


In Free dive the main goal is to reach as far as possible , but still collect so many doubloons you can and complete missions so you can upgrade your submarine.


In Campaign you need to survive a certain distance Before there is a boss fight , if you defeat the boss you move on to the next level ....... there are 30 levels waiting for you.


Features :


* Submarines

* Missiles

* Upgrades

* Missions

* Fun for everyone

* Special " Goldie sub "


So dive right in and collect the doubloons and send those bosses to their watery grave ....... Good luck Captain !